Langdon Systems has built a strong reputation as experts when it comes to interpreting customs legislation and procedures. We’re not only a provider of market-leading customs software solutions. Our all-round knowledge of customs matters is second to none in our industry.

Our customs consultants offer invaluable expert advice about subjects ranging from Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), bonded warehousing and compliance to initiatives aimed at saving you money on your customs duty payments. And of course they have in-depth knowledge regarding all the regimes currently adopted by customs authorities.

The Insight area of our website gives us the opportunity to share this knowledge and experience, particularly regarding AEO matters, with our existing and potential clients. Our Blog page features Langdon’s take on what can often be a complicated and confusing subject. Stay up-to-date with all the Langdon Systems and customs related news on our News page. And you can find all the latest Customs Information Papers on our CIPs page.

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