Customs experts and proud of their independence

At Langdon Systems we’re fiercely proud of our independence. So much so that we’ve repeatedly resisted overtures from much larger software conglomerates to buy us out. But just why do we attach such importance to our independence? UK Managing Director Paul Carroll explains…

To Langdon’s clients the benefits that come from working with Customs experts at an independent software house are obvious – especially when it comes to Customs software that works hard to save them money and keep them compliant. However, it seems that not everyone is aware of the benefits. We’re often asked how we can compete with the ‘big boys’ with their huge marketing and sales budgets.

The simple answer is we do not compete, we simply have to let our solutions and staff speak for themselves. We’ve always offered a bespoke total solution and our ability to react to both market and legislative changes is unrivalled. When our client or Customs demand a change we’re on it! No prioritisation behind integrating the latest software we have purchased or behind our new warehouse management option. Our focus is Customs and this is our only priority.

The Langdon stick of rock

Langdon's customs expertise is second to none in our field

You know the message that runs through a stick of rock – it’s the same at the top as it is at the bottom. Snap it and it’s still the same. Well we’re no different here at Langdon. We are Customs experts and that runs through the company from top to bottom. Every staff member in a key role – support, development, sales, implementation – all have years of trade and Customs experience. Given that our company delivers Customs solutions you might consider that a benefit. We have your every base covered, check our testimonials!

We’re committed to providing a great working environment for our specialists – something that’s evidenced in our uncommonly low staff turnover and the fact that many of our personnel have been with us in excess of fifteen years. With that in mind, we have uniquely focussed team that’s able to ensure that compliance and cost-saving go hand-in-hand, and Langdon Systems is fit for purpose.

Commitment and drive

Given our long heritage and the relatively young age of the staff we’re committed for the long term. We have invested heavily in both our staff and our business model, and we feel we have the necessary skills and drive to deliver the next generation of software for the incoming Union Customs Code (UCC).

Far from shying away from the challenge and trying to sell the company or just build on existing out-of-date software, we’ve actually started again – a brand new solution built from the ground up on WCO data classes, the building blocks of ALL future UCC developments. In fact, we’re well ahead of the game as we will shortly be going live with Phase 3 (AGS Export) of our new software in the Netherlands.

Rest assured we’re here for the long haul, and despite the outlooks of many of our contemporaries, we’re here to stay. The whole Langdon team is fully committed to providing a bespoke service to all customers for years to come. We 100% believe in what we do.

We’re agile 

If a problem exists, an independent software house can address it. A niche independent software house like Langdon can address it immediately. There’s no fighting for resource or against conflicted and often contradictory considerations as we only have one purpose – Customs. If you’re affected by a legislation change you just want it fixed by someone with a vested interest and an understanding of how this can be optimally implemented.

Your goals are our goals

We focus on the things that our client wants - Customs compliance & cost saving

Our clients want to save costs and be compliant and we help them to realise this. Our focus on the goals of our customers allows us to bridge the gap between compliance and cost-saving. Uniquely our software has no restriction on the number of users. We don’t deliver solutions that drive increased staffing and we don’t profit from a poorly implemented manually intensive solution.

We are meticulous in our approach to delivering a streamlined solution which enables businesses to rationalise their operations, reducing manual work by automating systems, and allowing customers to keep their workforce lean.

Additionally, there’s no need for our customers to take on extra Langdon products that they don’t need. Whilst we provide solutions for imports or warehouse, we don’t demand you take on a new warehouse management or pay thousands for a Customs classifier. Our customers simply choose what they need and that’s what they pay for!

Whilst we’re happy to advise potential customers of the benefits, we don’t push a hard sell, as we believe our products speak for themselves.

We also feel that our ability to support our customers without forcing them to work with us and us alone makes us an asset to our clients, as they are under no pressure to work in any other way than how they choose.

We have one eye on the future at all times

We are writing brand new Customs compliant UCC systems

Our expertise means we are constantly asked to deliver new and improved solutions. Our implementations in mainland Europe include the latest UCC developments in the Dutch Market, the replacement of the NL Customs infrastructure is a forerunner of the UK’s CHIEF replacement due in 2017.

It’s got to be reassuring that your Customs software partner has not only taken advantage of the latest technology in their new development but it’s been delivered two years earlier and a whole market place has been testing it for you.

Here at Langdon, we’re constantly looking to the future, and are writing multi country cross platform UCC systems that will provide a compliant solution for our customers that won’t need to be fixed later down the line, but instead will work to keep them compliant without any issues.

Our customers have faith in us 

We feel we’ve more than proven ourselves as a major player in our industry. Our hard work and innovative approach to our solutions has led to many businesses large and small choosing to work with us on a long-term basis. Langdon’s enviable list of clients and the extended time we’re able to retain them speaks volumes. Take the Arcadia group, for example. When they replaced their entire supply chain IT spine, the only part that did not go out to tender was Langdon Systems’ duty management system. For us, this serves as proof that we’re able to offer reliable, business critical solutions for businesses of any size.

Of course, there are many businesses that consider larger conglomerates to be more in line with the size of their business but the interesting thing is these conglomerates continue to select us as preferred supplier for duty management solutions across the EU when bidding for new business.

Looking at the bigger picture there are numerous benefits for clients wanting to use an independent software house that has their goals in mind, and we’re happy to say we aim to stay that way.